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SpaPure Spa Cleaner

SpaPure Spa Cleaner

  • $10.20

SpaPure Spa Cleaner


SpaPure's Spa Cleaner is the one and only spa cleaner you'll ever need. This ready to use cleaner will clean waterline rings, dirt, grease, scale, and other deposits on spa surfaces and spa fittings. This product is a thick cleaner that will cling to surfaces which allows for extra penetration to remove stubborn problem areas. This product may be used on plastic, vinyl, fiberglass, ceramic, painted surfaces and more. Avoid use on copper, aluminum, steel or galvanized surfaces. 

Fancy Features

  • Versatile Cleaner
  • Removes waterline ring
  • Removes grease and grime

What’s in the box

  • 1 x SpaPure Spa Cleaner - 1 Pint

Directions for Use 

  1. Apply product to a damp sponge, non-abrasive cleaning pad, or similar soft non-scratching material
  2. Wipe surfaces clean or scrub to remove tough deposits
  3. To remove heavy stains, allow cleaner to remain on problem area for up to 5 minutes before scrubbing
  4. Rinse treated surfaces throughly with water
*Excessive use may cause minor foam, which can be controlled with a defoaming agent*