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Spa Marvel Cleanser

Spa Marvel Cleanser - 8 oz

  • $29.99

Spa Marvel Cleanser


The Spa Marvel Cleanser is a granular product that effectively deep cleans the spa's pipes, plumbing, and equipment by removing organic, mineral, and chemical contaminants from the water. Use this product when first opening your spa to eliminate residual left behind by the manufacturer, and during every refill to ensure that your spa surfaces are protected.

 What’s in the box

  • 1 x Spa Marvel 8oz Cleanser

Directions For Use

Remove filters. Pour one bottle of Spa Marvel Cleanser into existing water. Allow the cleanser to circulate in water with jets on high for at least 1 hour and then circulate at low speed for an additional 23 hrs. Drain and flush the tub and rinse thoroughly. Repeat before every drain and refill.


Spa Marvel®