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ProTeam Supreme

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ProTeam Supreme


ProTeam Supreme is an enhancer that reduces eye and skin irritation, controls algae, and improves filtration. This product helps maintain stable pH and buffers total alkalinity. Sanitizers work most efficiently when pH is kept in proper range. Therefore a properly balanced pool will require less sanitizer and less maintenance. Supreme is compatible with all forms of sanitization. Best of all, Supreme is made right here in the USA for the highest possible quality, allowing you to buy with confidence.

Fancy Features

  • Long lasting and effective algae preventive
  • Improves sanitizer efficiency 35-50%. In other words, pools using ProTeam Supreme will save on chlorine!
  • Reduces eye and skin irritation in pool water
  • Water will feel softer regardless of your water hardness levels.
  • Gives water a beautiful sheen. Will make clear water appear even more crisp and clear.
  • Helps to maintain an ideal pH during the pool season. Perfect for pools using salt (chlorine) generators
  • Reduces the amount of time between cleaning cycles. Regardless if you are using DE, Sand, or Cartridge filter systems.

What’s in the box

  • 1 x ProTeam Supreme

Directions for Use 

  1. For initial application, introduce 2 pounds of ProTeam Supreme per each 1,000 gallons of pool water by broadcasting the material over the surface area of the pool with the pump running.
  2. This initial treatment should be added in doses with of the necessary amount being added in each application.
  3. For initial pH adjustment use 3/4 pound ProTeam pH Down (sodium bisulfate) or 10 oz. of muriatic acid for each pound of ProTeam Supreme, mixing acid in a bucket of water, then add to pool.
  4. The pH of the pool water may rise as a normal reaction to the introduction of ProTeam Supreme.
  5. After a normal turnover of pool water adjust the pH to 7.4-7.6 using a reliable acid demand kit.
  6. ProTeam Supreme is compatible with all materials normally used in swimming pool maintenance.
  7. Test the pool water a minimum once a week or as normally required by local Health Authority Regulations.
  8. Sanitizer levels need to be maintained at levels indicated on the sanitizer label.
  9. The ProTeam Supreme residual should be tested at least once each month and should be maintained at 30-50 ppm.
  10. Your ProTeam dealer can provide the test and water analysis.
  11. ProTeam Supreme is lost from water only through filter backwashing and splash-out.


Sodium Tetraborate Pentahydrate: 99.5%, Other Ingredients: 0.5%