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Hot Spring JetStream Spa Jet 76527

  • $31.35

Hot Spring JetStream Spa Jet 76527


The JetStream® jet provides a maximum strength massage with an invigorating, directional whirlpool jet. The JetStream jet is a large orifice hydromassage jet designed to put maximum massaging action on a specific area of the body. It is located in the lower part of the spa to afford optimal access for the massaging of feet, legs, hips, and lower back. The intensity of the JetStream jets can be altered (except the ones found in the FootWell® system) using the Comfort Control lever. JetStream jets located in the FootWell are not adjustable. Turn the faceplate clockwise to increase the jet pressure and counterclockwise to decrease the jet pressure.

What's In The Box 

1 x Hot Spring JetStream Spa Jet 76527

Hot Tub Compatibility 

*Please refer to the table in the picture section*

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