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ControlOMatic ChlorMaker Replacement Electrode

ControlOMatic ChlorMaker Replacement Electrode

  • $187.00

ControlOMatic ChlorMaker Replacement Electrode


Unfortunately, some things just break. The replacement electrode was created in the rare case that your current electrode is malfunctioned. Replacing the Chlormaker electrode will allow your salt chlorine generator to begin chlorinating again if your old Chlormaker electrode has been depleted. The Chlormaker electrode sanitizes your swimming pool in an eco-friendly and cost-efficient way, and also helps provide a luxurious swimming experience without the eye irritation and dry skin. Only compatible with the ControlOMatic ChlorMaker. 

What’s in the box

  • 1 x Replacement Electrode for ChlorMaker

Fancy Features

  • Replacement Electrode with Chlorine Detection
  • 10 Foot Cord

Directions For Use

  1. Simply remove the 4 screws to open the SmarterSpa control box
  2. Loosen the 4 terminal post screws and remove the old electrode
  3. Replacing the electrode will allow your generator to begin chlorinating again, if your old electrode has been depleted.