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BioGuard SoftSwim Filter Cleaner - 1 Qt

BioGuard SoftSwim Filter Cleaner - 1 Qt

  • $20.99

BioGuard® SoftSwim Filter Cleaner


BioGuard SoftSwim Filter Cleaner is the most effective product available to prevent cloudy water and allow filters to operate at peak performance. It is uniquely formulated to work with any filter type and helps to remove particles specific to the SoftSwim program. This product will improve pool circulation and water clarity by removing dirt, oils, and deposits that can clog filters. Each Soft Swim product is formulated to work specifically with the biguanide chemistry of the SoftSwim program.

What's in the box?

  • 1 x BioGuard® SoftSwim Filter Cleaner - 1 qt

Recommended Use

Sand and most D.E. Filters

1 qt per cleaning

Non-Backwashable D.E. and Cartridge Filters

1 qt for small filter and 2 qt for large filters per cleaning.


Sand and Most D.E. Filters

Backwash thoroughly. Turn pump off. For most effective results, remove lid from lint pot and pour 1 quart of this product into the pot (If this is not possible, pour the product into the skimmer closest to the filter). With the filter in backwash position, turn pump on for 5-10 seconds or until a slight pink color is seen in site glass or filter discharge. Turn pump off and turn valve to closed position, if available. Let filter cleaner soak for 12-24 hours before backwashing. Backwash filter for at least 2 minutes or until site glass or filter discharge water is clear of color, dirt, and debris. Rinse and return to normal operation.

Non-Backwashable D.E. and Cartridge Filters

Turn pump off. Remove elements from filter and rinse off debris with a high pressure hose. Immerse completely and soak 12-24 hours in a clean plastic bucket containing 1 quart of this product in 5 gallons of water for small filter elements or 2 quarts of this product in 10 gallons of water for large filter elements. Clean and rinse thoroughly with water using a high pressure hose. Replace elements and resume normal operation. For best performance, allow D.E. filter septum or cartridge element to completely dry before operation.