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BioGuard Smart Shield - 1 Qt

BioGuard Smart Shield - 1 Qt

  • $32.99

BioGuard® Smart Shield


BioGuard Smart Shield is the ultimate in pool water conservation. This product reduces water evaporation, helping to conserve water and preserve heat. A single application last up to 30 days.

What's in the box?

1 x BioGuard® Smart Shield - 1 qt

Recommended Use

  • 8 oz per 15,000 gallons of water every month


    Shake bottle before using. With the pump running, add 8 fl oz per 15,000 gallons of water. For best dispersion, add Smart Shield in front of pool return lines. Run the pump daily for proper circulation. For larger pools, add 16 fl oz per 1,000 sq. ft of surface area or 30,000 gallons of pool water oncer per month.